Treatment vs Prevention – A New Model for Health

The Universe is made from a set of nested quantum fields. We can label each interacting, interrelated and inter-responsive fields in many different ways. Like many ideas they can be collected into main categories which make a helpful tool. In general humans seems to like a list with seven categories so I will adhere to this method.

  1. Cosmic Order

  2. Galactic Order

  3. Solar System

  4. Earth Species

  5. Human Species

  6. Social Order

  7. Individual Organisation

The first two can be disregarded because they are beyond human reference. The Solar System influences the hourly, daily, monthly and yearly behaviours of individuals, societies, and their earthly activities. This can be agreed upon simply by the changing orientation of the Earth to the Sun. In actuality the entirety of Astrological thought arises from within this quantum field.

The fourth field affects the individual organisation simply by location. Those living closer to the equator act differently from those close to polar regions through climatic conditions. Yet as the planet becomes more connected we find that we are never too different from others.

This similarity is due to the field defined as the Human Species. Humans have certain needs that have to be fulfilled. These needs are physical, emotional, social and spiritual. We need food and shelter, as well as safety and security. We need love and connection, acceptance and bonds. We need expression through sex, art, creativity and performance. We also need a sense of purpose that is beyond selfhood. We need a sense of worth that is not measured in possessions.

If any of these are missing or distorted the field will effect those fields that it contains. This means that if the field of Humanity is unbalanced it will quickly affect the social and individual fields, showing up as physical, emotional, and social ills. When the social ills are also subsequently denied and blamed on some other force then the imbalance will show up in the individual’s balance and health.

Rather than pointing to specifics I suggest that everyone considers which illnesses are plaguing the social order at this time and what is the underlying quantum disturbance. The quantum fields create the physical and material worlds, so the causes cannot be physical. If the something is not physical it must arise in consciousness; that is the spiritual worlds which requires a shift in beliefs and actions to rebalance. To make only one example, the climate crisis arises because we as a species have considered natural resources as God given for us to take as we want. Not every social group has applied this thinking, but those that do have simply moved in and taken them anyway. A good example of this is the clearing of the Amazon forest which is profitable for a very small group and harmful for the rest of humanity.

The greatest challenge for individuals is discovering which field and what disturbance is causing their personal health difficulties. It takes a penetrating and perceptive character to be able to cut through the coverings and delusions to reveal the cause and prescribe a solution to them.

Treatment is seen as the mainstay of a Health service. The presupposition is that a person is healthy unless they show a symptom of the breakdown in the physical body. The premise is that the body is a mechnical system that operates according to preset conditions that are subject to external interference and random unexplained failures.

The new model for health is based on 4 premises

  1. The body is contained within a “psychic” field
  2. The psychic field is attitudinal has its genesis in the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of self and others in a wider community that reaches to all sentient beings. Essentially this translates to consciousness.
  3. This means that there is only one system that is integrated and non-local, meaning it is not determined by space ot time.
  4. The body is not a fixed static structure but is in a process of continual change, it is in process not static.
  5. The body and mind are in constant communication; the mind and the brain are not the same thing.
  6. The mind communicates its needs and necessities through metaphorical prrocesses including dreams, imagination, fears and physical ailments.
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