Relationship Astrology - the Interaction between Lovers

synastryRelationship offers the most benefits and challenges for our sojourn of planet Earth. We arrive here alone as the result of some relationship or other and we are affected by that in both positive and negative ways, but these are imposed on top of the basic personality we've arrived with. Understanding the relationship between self and mother and father often are the first mirrors to ourselves.

We can never actually see ourselves without the aid of some form of mirror, but it is interesting to note that the left side is seen as the right side in mirror reversal. We learn about ourselves by the responses we elicit from others, and we choose our life partners by how they accept us, at least at the beginning. Intimate relationships are excellent mirrors for us.

The challenges occur when we decide to deal with underlying issues that we integrate as personal change, and in some cases growth. Most often relationship problems are seen as something to deal with through counselling, and this is usually a great first step. Counselling happens when you truly know what the issue is and know what you and how you want to resolve it. Often this is the surface of a far deeper set of concerns and interactions.

Astrology is well-known to shine insights onto personality and behavioural types and how a person expresses themselves. Astrological synastry highlights the areas that synchronise and those that conflict. Better than that it also shows what an individual can do to increase the synchronicity and reduce the conflicts and still remain true to their purposes. Actually, we as humans can actively support someone to develop their interests without decreasing ourselves, and in doing so build ourselves.

Combining natal personality grids (natal horoscopes) will give insight and direction as to how committed couples may progress as a unit towards unified goals and aspirations. All of this depends on the ability of the astrologer to perceive into the underlying psyches of the individuals and the ability to encourage the shifts in perception needed to see another path forward.

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