The American Empire
and the Star Wars

As early as 1977 George Lucas with the behind the scenes help of Joseph Campbell began to warn the American people of what was to come if they continued down the path they were on. Rather than beginning at the beginning they chose to start at the place where to battle lines were drawn.

Episode IV released in 1977 was originally known simply as “Star Wars,” but is actually, unsurprisingly, called “A New Hope.” Anakin Skywalker, taken as a padawan by Obi-Wan Kenobi with the potential to be the greatest Jedi ever, has already fallen to the dark side. He was seen as the prophesied chosen one born to bring balance to the Force. Now he has a mission to destroy his own two children, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. Rather than bring balance he is set to destroy the possibility of balance and hand the control of the universe over to the evil Sith Lords.

In order to stop his plot his own mentor sacrifices his life in physical form in order to guide the last Jedi to fulfil the prophecy. In a battle in which he cannot win, Obi-Wan allows Darth Vader to release him from his physical bonds, and become a spiritual being.

Obi-Wan searches and rescues Luke from Tusken raiders, effectively they are human traffickers who make a living out of human misery and slave trading. From here they team up with Han Solo and his wookiee sidekick Chewbacca, who are space smugglers. They are trading in supplies that have been sanctioned by the Imperial Starfleet, the military arm of the Galactic Empire which came from the Galactic Republic after Palpatine’s declaration of the New Order.

They make their way to the planet Alderaan only to find that Vader has destroyed it with the use of the first Death Star. It is destroyed by Luke becoming aligned with the Force aiming two proton torpedoes into the core reactor.
It turns out that the Trade Federation has its own representatives in the Republic Senate to lobby for even greater power. They send their battle droids to invade Naboo to create a government crisis. They have secretly signed on members of Separatist organizations, though their representatives in the Senate deny this.

There is really no need to explain this further because anyone can easily see the parallels with the modern America’s Empire that Donald Trump wishes to implement. The rest of the six part series outlines how this all began, who is behind it and where it will end up. In the movies the Rebellion succeeds but in real life that is nowhere near clear.

The real issue is whether the constitutional Americans wake up, and the rest of the world aligns itself in the Force and brings together a New World Order based on Freedoms and human dignity or we all become slaves to a dominant elite. There are few nations that can meet this threat by themselves which makes it only possible when we, the people, come together in the “Force,” that higher unity brought about through the messages of all the prophets and sages.

There is a shift in consciousness happening whether we like it or not. It only depends on whether it is a shift to the Dark Side or a evolutionary shift to World Peace. Nobody can escape this, so you will have to decide whether you will join the Revolution, or become one of the Clone army.

What we do next is the beginning of a revolution that will transform human consciousness and establish spirit as the dominant force. The alternatives are as the evangelists would have us believe, there will be Armageddon and the destruction of the physical plane. It will not, however, build a New Jerusalem for the favoured few, but reap karma for all those who ceased to stand up for, and bring Eden (peace, love and justice), to this experience.