Why Invest in Yourself?

There is a mindset amongst western democratic countries that values success above all other things, and measures it only in financial terms.

Yet when the chips are down

  • Your health starts to fail
  • Your relationship breaks up
  • You are uncertain about who your friends really are
  • You wonder what happened to your children
  • and even what is the point of life anyway

When the questioning of priorities and values begins, the first questions to arise are:

What is really important?
and What is really important about that?

This whole website is dedicated to such explorations. In my early twenties I had a spiritual guide who gave me some of my greatest gifts. She said to me “I can’t tell you where to go, how to go about it, or what to do; all I can do is show you the path I took, you must find your own way. This set me free from going down the roads of other people. I offer the same lesson.

Every journey is embarked by an individual in a personal context within a specific social environment and at a turning point in their history. You are on your own within a band of brothers and sisters. You can rely on us, and we are rooting for you. Every evolutionary step you make is for our collective benefit.