The Many Faces of Relationship

The experiential world is designed around the relationship of opposites. The greatest charge is at the extreme ends of the polarity. The charge dissipates between until it becomes neutralised in the middle. Charge can be understood as a measure of excitement, passion and attraction. The Law of Magnetism (law of Attraction) is dependent on creating the greatest charge between two opposites

Nothing is more attractive as a vacuum, a void. The more a person feels they are missing the more they desire the object of their loss. These are self-evident truths. Yet the application of this truth is not brought to the table of conflict resolution. Conflicts arise when two parties are attempting to occupy the same polarity. This happens when there is, or there is perceived to be  a power imbalance.

In esoteric thought there are said to be three lower chakras; The lowest base can be aligned with finance; the second with sexuality; and the third with power. These are the three elements of relationship disputes. Most counselling is focused on neutralising the issues and dispersing the charge, and in the process damping the passion, excitement and attractions. So what happens if the focus is brought onto recreating charge?

When we discuss polarity their is a tendency to align it with right and wrong as if these were absolutes rather than contextualised values. We have all recognised when something is seen as right in some position and have done exactly the opposite in another place.






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