I’m back! As if I ever left, although I’ve been to another Universe as well.

What do I mean by all that? I have had a lifetime of exploring alternative viewpoints of psychology, symbology, dreams, linguistics, astro-physics, quantum physics, meta-physics, astrology, channelling and other aspects that attempt to provide roadways and routes into consciousness and understanding ourselves and the worlds we create around us. Now I arrived back, home.

Like Chiron the immortal wounded healer I set off to find a healing for myself and arrived back having discovered a way to work with consciousness that binds all these aspects into a usable framework.

Today I open the doors to my new practice. I am not a therapist for the faint-hearted client. I am available for those seekers looking to apply the Laws of creation in their own unique way. In order to do this a person has first to understand themselves. This is one of the great difficulties of life. How can somebody understand themselves from inside themselves? It is trying to see something from the outside while being inside.
As an example of this we could try to see our personal relationship and we find the real problems arise from the other person. Then we begin to see that the other person is actually reflecting back to us our problems.

I don’t want to bore anyone with details so I have created pages and links below to explore about different focuses.

Anyone interested in exploring further can contact me via email ragoczy@gmail.com with a short paragraph outlining their concern/conflict/challenge and their desired outcomes. From this I can suggest a coaching/counselling programme and costs. Everyone is different and everything is flexible so if this approach attracts you put aside any doubts and avoidance and make contact now.