One-on-One Therapy

flying healthThe primary goal of any therapy is to get and stay healthy free from all symptoms. Presenting symptoms may be emotional or psychological such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, guilts and regrets, addictions or uncontrolled behaviours; or they may be physical, such as chronic pain, weakness, fatigue, and so on. Another part of the goal is to teach tools and techniques that give you a foundation to live your life to your highest potential.

I have successfully worked with children and adults. Children in particular respond well to story-time therapy which provides them with the resources to understand and moderate their own behaviours.

This type of therapy is based on the “Uncommon Therapy” model perfected by Milton Erickson, MD. The purpose behind this method is

  • Brief, which makes it cost effective
  • Outcome oriented; Specific, Measured, Attainable, Relevant and Time dependent
  • Uncovers and treats the causes behind the symptoms
  • Uses direct interventions based on sound and tested principles
  • Acts to reduce stress
  • Supports Life-Style change
  • Intervenes at mind, body and spirit levels, and is truly “metaphysical”

So what exactly constitutes Uncommon Therapy? How is this different from anything else?

Here we engage in a seemingly ordinary conversation, yet the communication is designed to speak to both the conscious and unconscious minds. The practitioner uses hypnotic language to guide a client into re-evaluating their position and opinions without direct confrontation. The messages may be embedded into an irrelevant story-line. The result is a different interpretation of events that lead to choosing new behaviours.

This is done by asking pertinent questions that lead to previously unconsidered options, and feeding these back in carefully worded double binds. Hypnotic language is used to install the new options at an unconscious level and anchoring the new behaviour with traditional NLP techniques. The final result is that a person sees themselves in a very different way without trying.

Essentially it is teaching a different kind of thinking. In doing this it brings closure to personal chaos and provides the catalyst for clearing long-held debilitating symptoms. It brings harmony to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.  The process is based on the premise that illness and disease are caused by misaligned beliefs, convictions and certainties.

The number of sessions required will vary from individual to individual. Each session is between 60-90 minutes in duration and costs $150/session. If you have any other questions book a trial session.

I look forward to working with you as you discover the road to a new image of Self.