Benefits of Astro-psychology

Dec-31-2012In 1952 Furze Morrish wrote a book “Outline of Astro-Psychology”. Like many examples of extraordinary work this book has fallen on hard times. What Furze does is open up the possibility for discovering solutions for life’s challenges through using astrological techniques.

Astrology points out a person’s:-
  • basic personality, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • It shows their approach to life and their approach in relationship.
  • It gives a message of what is important to them;
  • what their learning style is,
  • and therefore to what career they are best suited

Using a special technique I can determine the timing when an event occurred which set in motion a pattern that repeats throughout a person’s life.

This event affects one of four areas,
  1. Self-esteem
  2. Family
  3. Relationships
  4. Career or direction

Helena Blavatsky, perhaps the greatest medium of the modern era, wrote “True Astrology is a mathematical science, which teaches us what particular causes will produce what particular combinations.” She also said, “True, such astrologers there are but few: but are we justified in condemning the science of electricity because there may be very few real electricians?”

Then I developed a new approach I call Quantum Field Astrology. It is an exciting new approach to interpreting space-time influences on individuals within the context of the social environment. The Quantum Field is a fractal nested set of determining codes or rules that organise human perceptions. (see A new model for health)

I have developed a way of interpreting the relationship between individuals and the fields they occupy. We each create the reality in which we have our experience but it is also determined by the higher fields within the system. For example you cannot create a reality that conflicts with the underlying agreements of the community you live. You cannot create a reality that conflicts with the laws of nature, for example gravity.

Quantum Mechanics is a mathematical language that describes the nature of the physical universe; Quantum Astrology is a language which describes the nature of the psyche and the psychological landscape.

My life’s purpose has been to help people to understand their individual nature at both the conscious and unconscious levels. Once a person knows their own beneficial qualities and their personality challenges they can set out a forward plan. Knowing your own traits and those for a current partner or a possible one helps to avoid the pitfalls inherent in all relationships. Counselling without understanding the underlying qualities is pretty hit and miss.