Why Astrological Counselling?

People seek counselling help for situations that arise for them within a specific context and time frame. In the ordinary counselling setting the counsellor has to try to understand the conflict by questioning the client. The clarity of that understanding is dependent on the skill of the counsellor and the honesty and perception of the client, none of which is a given.

Astrology explores two things; the nature of the seeker and the timing of the situation. We can look at the natal horoscope to discover what a person’s soul directive might be and what their expressed personality is like. We see how they are motivated and what their relationships with their parents were. We can see at what age they experienced a defining trauma and in which part of life is that event restricting.

Through looking at the transiting planets we can identify what areas of life are being activated and what impact this might have on the person and their life. If we also consider their progression map we can determine how much personal development has occurred in the area of life that is causing disturbance. This sets the picture but not the guidance. The natal and progression charts also show the resources they might rely on the overcome the challenges that are happening to them.

If we are engaged in couples counselling we have to look at the two natal charts and the way they interact. What effect does each person exert over or onto the other? How do they harmonise and work together and how do they conflict with each other? What areas of life do these conflicts occur? Is there a power struggle or notions of jealousy and how do these play out in action? So much can be ascertained even with a cursory glance at two charts. For more on couples see Relationship Astrology

So in the end, as an astrological counsellor I am working with the “divine” forces to bring insight, awareness and motivation to bring to the forefront the qualities a person has in a way they can access, so they may develop the qualities that the universe is asking of them. Using this model we step outside of blaming, or shaming in ways that empower the client to take personal responsibility for the situations they find themselves in, and the actions they take to extract themselves.

Then comes the inevitable question about cost.The first session is $250 due to producing the variety of charts needed for analysis. This charge includes 1½ hr interpretation/counselling/therapy.  If the person does not have an accurate birth time then there is an extra time needed to rectify the chart. Subsequent sessions are charged at $150/1½ hr session.

If you feel drawn towards exploring change work in this way you can contact me via email ragoczy@gmail.com with a short paragraph outlining your concerns/conflicts/challenges and your desired outcome. From this I can suggest a coaching/counselling programme and costs. Everyone is different and everything is flexible so if this approach attracts you put aside any doubts and avoidance and make contact now.

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