Creating Along the Event Horizon

Creating Along the Event Horizon

The past event horizon is what actually happened. The past variable in time and space is what appears as happening (ie is remembered). The where and when or both are distorted from the event horizon across a denial zone.

There is a relationship between the spread in the past time-space and the future time-space (possible outcomes/consequences). The more certain one is of one’s future (the primary outcome) the narrower there are undetermined possibilities, thus an increase in actual memory.

The future as a primary arises as responsibility and comes from a path or past for which one accepts responsibility. To the degree one refuses to accept responsibility for the past, one will experience a lack of control of the future.

Uncovering/re-experiencing seeming events from the past in which you seem to have no control (responsibility) lead inevitably to a future which retains that responsibility. Worse than that, re-experiencing the past event locks it into the present by making the memory distortion into a real happening.

Because most people cannot accept their responsibility of the past, the easiest solution is to separate the past from the future and work entirely on the primary outcomes. Thus, where you are now and where you want to be without referencing where you once were. As the future possibilities (diversity) narrow into a path of deliberation the past event horizon becomes increasingly clear.

This article reveals that what we think happened is often not what actually happened at all. Trying to resolve a memory of something that didn’t actually happen at all leads into unknown territory. In other words memory is an unreliable source for events. Projecting out from a memory that didn’t actually happen is “leading one up the garden path”, even if it is yourself doing it. Time to start where you are and focus your attention on clarifying what in the present stops you getting where you want to be.
The first step is to discover what support do you need from an outside source. If you think you can do it by yourself without an external intervention then I can assure you that you’ll arrive back at this same bridge sooner or later. I am available for discussion and intervention on an hourly basis. Take the time to email me your request…..

Namaste, Francis


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