Astrology as a Tool for Personal Development

Astrology as most people understand is the study of how the planets affect human experience, but that is generally as far as it goes. Understanding your own astro-psychology can help you navigate the challenges that life presents; how the interaction of two or more people's astrological make-up can show the friction zones in relationships; how astrology is a grand timer that gives us insights into personal, social and cultural unfolding and transformations.

To make some sort of clarity here it is necessary to tie up some precepts and concepts. Astrology belongs to a metaphysical understanding of the world. This means that there are powers and forces that exist beyond the physical world of experience that determine the nature of experience.

I could expand into many volumes on this concept, but for the purpose here let me say that there is a relationship between perception of something and the thing itself. This ultimately translates to a thing on the outside is a reflection of some aspect on the inside. Things are mirrors of ourselves.

C.G. Jung, the psychologist considered that the stories embedded in myth were elements of the inner landscape of every individual, either expressed or repressed. As can be noted the planets in the Solar System are named after the Gods of Greek myths. Putting these two concepts together we might conclude that the planets and their positions at the time of birth are reflections of this inner landscape.

Thus we can consider that the layout of the solar system might reflect the impact and importance of these qualities in our own personal experience. Continuing with these concepts it follows that the reflections on the outside are related to the inner landscape and astrological positions. For help interpreting the mirrors make contact via email

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