The Men’s Collective Leadership Training

is a spiritual journey in the vogue of the mythic Hero’s Journey.

There are not many trainings that are self-directed and self-evaluated spiritual pathways, so the Men’s Collective Leadership training is a rare commodity. It has the four stages, or energetic quantum fields to be explored. The energies are explored in the specific order even though they are interfused with each other. This is somewhat aligned with the stages of monastic life. The first stage here is Postulant, followed by Novitiate, then First Profession and lastly Perpetual Profession.

In the CLT the first energy is called the Giver, and is explored both in action by giving a gift and by delving into what giving truly means. The seeker is looking to discover what their personal experience of giving is like and the responses from the universe to their giving.

The Giver manifests the nature of the archetype of the Lover. Unconditional love does not require reciprocal love. They come to realise when giving is a gift and when it is a transaction. Giving is free of attachment and return on investment.

The second energy explored is that of Attractor. The archetype associate with this stage is the Magician or Manifestor. The student seeker recognises that they attract to themselves that which they focus their attention on, either by desire or by avoidance. Their exploration is focused on the results they are experiencing in the external world.

Their personal challenge at this point is to attract into the group a new layer of Givers. It is not to just attract any new man, but to attract two men who will become their own personal supporters. The Attractors are bringing in two men who fulfil their need for support and can be relied upon to do this. While it is efficient for someone else to attract new members it does not complete the spiritual necessity of mastering attraction, the Law of Attraction and becoming an activated Magician.

Once a man has achieved these two steps they enter the next energy level of Supporter and the archetype of Warrior, actually this is a Spiritual Warrior. The man is not at war or in battle with outside forces but with those on their inner world. The Supporter is putting themselves aside for the benefit of the others. Their own well-being is of secondary importance.

The Warrior holds the group to attention on the focus and purpose set and the evidence exposed by the individuals on the weekly calls. For example this might be whether they turn up on time; whether they readily offer their contribution or wait to be the last one; whether they show clarity in their response to the topic. All of these are true reflections about how the individual handles their lives in general.

The final step is archetypally called the King or the Receiver. The Receiver offers themselves to receive the financial gifts from the Givers but not as a payment or reward, but as a repository. The Receiver/King holds the responsibility for the territory by setting the vision for the group. The King sets the rules for the group, but like all great leaders it is with the nature of the individual Supporters and Attractors in mind having learned their strengths and weaknesses during the previous training.

The Receiver is learning to be a “wise ruler” and in so doing understands how to employ the gifts received in a beneficial way free from personal gain and squandering. The Receiver has learned great leadership and wisdom.

In service such a man may rejoin another group in order to hone the skills and insights they may have missed or not seen the importance during their first journey.