Men’s Collective Leadership Training

The Collective Leadership Training is a real training initiative for men. It is far more than a simple men’s group that talks about issues in life. It is broken down into 4 training sections with deliberately set outcomes.

Giving: A person joins the group with the purpose of learning the skill-set surrounding Giving as an energy. The Giver is learning to open themselves to for-giveness; generosity; gratitude; and abundance. Of the four archetypes it is the Lover, so the Giver learns to be in relationship as a open-hearted giver.

Forgiveness is the freedom that comes from releasing all past hurts and past shame. When this is achieved there is no-one to blame, not even the self. The person becomes grateful and expresses their gratitude wherever possible. From this place they find spiritual generosity.

This phase, like all of the others in the training needs to find personal proof if it is to be evidence based. During private one-to-one brother talks the other brothers may point out any language expressions which suggests that someone is expressing shame or blame. The Giving phase may be the hardest lesson of all for anyone to master.

Attracting: When a group is complete and the receiver has truly mastered the four archetypal phases he is ready to transcend and the Givers from the old toroid become Attractors in a new group and begin their journey to fulfil the archetype of Magician.

In this phase the student understands the Law of Attraction and how to apply it in real life situations. The evidence test for this phase is by bringing in, attracting new brothers. Attracting is not about selling a multi-level marketing plan by suggesting the purpose of the training is to get to be receiver as fast as possible, and thus garner the financial rewards. Attracting is about bringing abundance into your life in all its aspects. An Attractor should be able to demonstrate interest in another persons experience and viewpoint without dominating, and that their inquisitiveness draws appreciation and interest from the other.

Showing the benefits and excitement one has gained from being a Giver uplifts the energetic field when the brother is explaining the training course to others. They learn to point out that the initial payment is an invitation to self-initiated and directed personal development within a group of like-minded brothers. The Attractor is learning to be a living example of the benefits even at the earliest stages.

Supporter: The toroid transcends again and the now Masters of  Attraction become the new Supporters (the Warrior archetype).

The Supporter is not “helping” brothers to overcome the failings and “brokenness”. The Supporters are the support columns that are needed to hold up a bridge, or a roof. They keep the structure organised and maintained. This phase is about learning the strength and dedication required to stay on a deliberate track and to serve the plan offered by another (in this case the Receiver).

There is a concept known as the Divine Plan which requires honesty, and commitment. In the brotherhood the Supporters are demonstrating commitment to the receiver and to the group. Their commitment is to stand tall and firm and turn up for every call. They are and are seen as the stalwarts of the circle. The have learned or are learning reliability, responsibility and resilient.

The Supporters have also discovered what needs developing in their personal lives which gives rise to the topic they wish to explore in the toroid circle they will lead in the next round.

Receiver: The final step or phase of the unfurling is the Receiver. The Receiver is not just reaping the rewards of their committed journey but they are collecting together all of the skills they have gained through the process. The Receiver has arrived at the place of true leadership which he may have discovered is not the role of dictator.

If they have by this stage integrated the nature of Attraction they will lead by example and demonstration. The true Receiver has become the workshop leader and understands how to draw out the lessons in each stage from the raw material that is their brotherhood.

He deserves the financial reward that he has worked hard for and his greatest lesson is accepting it with the generosity in which it is given. The Receiver is the shepherd of the trust given to him. He has learned to be certain in his ability to be “King for a Day”.

He leads, guides and builds trust so that when he transcends from the toroid it is in the good hands of his Supporters who have travelled with him from the beginning. These Supporters are the two men he originally invited into the unit when he was in the Attractor position.

While it is asked that an Attractor invites at least one new brother it is best if they make the decision to personally invite both of those who will have become his supporters. The Receiver demonstrates his readiness to transcend through providing the inspiration for those that follow. They will inspire and lovingly cajole the all of the other members to the height of their abilities in every phase of the training. In truth the training is as valuable as the leadership creates.

When the time is right the Receiver will willingly and with reverence hand the reigns to the two supporters and pass on whatever wisdom he has gained in his service as King. The training has a financial investment which is the cost of any worthwhile training. It also comes with a financial reward once a man has achieved ultimate success.

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