Integrative Consulting

Counsel2Francis offers a very wide range of tools and it is sometimes difficult to see where they integrate together. Integrative Consultation is a coaching platform made up of a 12 session contract. The sessions are  in a clearly defined sequence and each lasts for a period of 1½ hours.

Session 1 – The initial contact session provides the opportunity to explain the presenting symptoms and purpose for the consultation and takes the details to cast a set of astrology charts to uncover the underlying strengths and weaknesses. This session sets out your goals and measures for the series in terms of a wellformed outcome process.
Session 2 – The second session explains your personality from an astrological point of view and how this impacts on experience.
Session 3 – The third session is a channelled conversation with “Mercredan”. This uncovers the hidden and covert elements that are affecting this life. This maybe from past-lives, from unconscious motivating forces, or through genetic history.
Session 4 – The fourth session considers the information recorded in the Mercredan conversation and uses hypnotic and neural techniques to shift the conscious and unconscious beliefs that are creating misalignment between your experience and your desire. It is essential during this phase that the overall ecology is maintained. Sometimes people want something that is in conflict with their values or with other areas of their lives.
Session 5 – The fifth session re-evaluates the goals and outcomes based on the new and expanding viewpoint that is developing. During this session a new set of questions will be prepared for the next conversation with Mercredan.
Session 6 – The sixth session is another channelled conversation with “Mercredan”. This conversation is used to gain more insights into the hidden forces that maintain the prevailing road blocks towards becoming a fully functioning being. It must be remembered that Mercredan gives information at the level that a person can understand. As that level of understanding increases more pertinent and detailed information is delivered.
Session 7 – The seventh session is a space to discuss the relevance and implementation of the previous channelled conversation. During this session Francis might present unconsciously delivered messages that undermine the limiting beliefs that are uncovered. Limiting beliefs in the format of “What are you protecting? avoiding? enduring? Who do you trust? Who don’t you trust? Who do you not trust? Who don’t you not trust?” will be encouraged, and disposed of.
Session 8 – The eighth session is another review period. During this session a measure of accomplishment is taken again and the goals are tested for their importance. This is a session that begins to tie together loose ends. If often turns into the time for revealing “secrets”. Many people wonder why their lives operate in a certain way while they are not ready to transform events or thoughts that they feel unacceptable.
Session 9 – The nineth session continues with whatever “revelations” from session 8. Actually, these “revelations” are more often insights into behaviours and their impact of finance, health, family, friends and life outcomes. This is the session which deals with latent specifics. By that it is meant, those indentifiables that remain inhibiting the tasks needed to reach the goals. A discussion is held to list the next series of questions for Mercredan.
Session 10 – The tenth session is the last channelled conversation with “Mercredan” in the series.The questions are now at a deep level in consciousness which explain the fundamental currents that magnetise the external world and “pull” personal design into the formalised individual’s sphere of influence. The conversation often explains the inner workings of consciousness and how it applies specifically to the enquirer.
Session 11 – The eleventh session provides the mechanism to put the insights and understanding from the “Merc” conversation into a workable prerogative. Information is alright, but useless until it is actioned. This session builds the momentum for life-change action.
Session 12 – The final session is a complete review of the series. It will identify areas left untouched, any guidance from “Merc” that is left outstanding and generally tie up all the loose ends. It may lead to a further series of sessions.