Treatment vs Prevention – A New Model for Health

Treatment vs Prevention – A New Model for Health

The Universe is made from a set of nested quantum fields. We can label each interacting, interrelated and inter-responsive fields in many different ways. Like many ideas they can be collected into main categories which make a helpful tool. In general humans seems to like a list with seven categories so I will adhere to this method.

  1. Cosmic Order

  2. Galactic Order

  3. Solar System

  4. Earth Species

  5. Human Species

  6. Social Order

  7. Individual Organisation

The first two can be disregarded because they are beyond human reference. The Solar System influences the hourly, daily, monthly and yearly behaviours of individuals, societies, and their earthly activities. This can be agreed upon simply by the changing orientation of the Earth to the Sun. In actuality the entirety of Astrological thought arises from within this quantum field.

The fourth field affects the individual organisation simply by location. Those living closer to the equator act differently from those close to polar regions through climatic conditions. Yet as the planet becomes more connected we find that we are never too different from others.

This similarity is due to the field defined as the Human Species. Humans have certain needs that have to be fulfilled. These needs are physical, emotional, social and spiritual. We need food and shelter, as well as safety and security. We need love and connection, acceptance and bonds. We need expression through sex, art, creativity and performance. We also need a sense of purpose that is beyond selfhood. We need a sense of worth that is not measured in possessions.

If any of these are missing or distorted the field will effect those fields that it contains. This means that if the field of Humanity is unbalanced it will quickly affect the social and individual fields, showing up as physical, emotional, and social ills. When the social ills are also subsequently denied and blamed on some other force then the imbalance will show up in the individual’s balance and health.

Rather than pointing to specifics I suggest that everyone considers which illnesses are plaguing the social order at this time and what is the underlying quantum disturbance. The quantum fields create the physical and material worlds, so the causes cannot be physical. If the something is not physical it must arise in consciousness; that is the spiritual worlds which requires a shift in beliefs and actions to rebalance. To make only one example, the climate crisis arises because we as a species have considered natural resources as God given for us to take as we want. Not every social group has applied this thinking, but those that do have simply moved in and taken them anyway. A good example of this is the clearing of the Amazon forest which is profitable for a very small group and harmful for the rest of humanity.

The greatest challenge for individuals is discovering which field and what disturbance is causing their personal health difficulties. It takes a penetrating and perceptive character to be able to cut through the coverings and delusions to reveal the cause and prescribe a solution to them.

Treatment is seen as the mainstay of a Health service. The presupposition is that a person is healthy unless they show a symptom of the breakdown in the physical body. The premise is that the body is a mechnical system that operates according to preset conditions that are subject to external interference and random unexplained failures.

The new model for health is based on 4 premises

  1. The body is contained within a “psychic” field
  2. The psychic field is attitudinal has its genesis in the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of self and others in a wider community that reaches to all sentient beings. Essentially this translates to consciousness.
  3. This means that there is only one system that is integrated and non-local, meaning it is not determined by space ot time.
  4. The body is not a fixed static structure but is in a process of continual change, it is in process not static.
  5. The body and mind are in constant communication; the mind and the brain are not the same thing.
  6. The mind communicates its needs and necessities through metaphorical prrocesses including dreams, imagination, fears and physical ailments.

The Battle; Jupiter vs Saturn

The Battle; Jupiter vs Saturn

Today is November 27th 2021 and I want to talk about the elephant in the room before the Solar eclipse on December 3rd/4th depending where you are in the world. Before I start I want to clarify one idea that comes from the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung. In his study of Dreams, Astrology, Mythology and the human psyche he arrives at the conclusion that these all refer to the same single thing, all coming from different angles. They are facets of the same star. I would like to add one more facet being the observable universe. Let us say that the observable universe is the notebook or diary in which the other facets are described.

Astrology might be described as the projector of the mythological and psyche onto the observable universe. Astrology had a consistent history for thousands of years in what we may call the classical period which came to an end in 1743 when Uranus was discovered and opened up an expanded view of the Solar system. Up until this time the planet Jupiter ruled the two signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn ruled the two signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn are known as the social planets in contrast to the two personal planets Mars and Venus which sit either side of Earth.

The elephant in the room is the mistaken identities of these two planets and their mythological counterparts. Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek God Zeus, and Saturn the Roman name for the Greek God Cronus. Herein lies the first hints of trouble. Rather than retell the myth I refer readers to . It is important to note that both Rhea and Cronos were the children of Uranus and Gaia.

Traditionally Jupiter is seen as the beneficent planet and Saturn as the maleficent one, one represents all that is good and expansive and the other bad and restrictive and this is the way astrology has and does treat them.

But when we observe the actual planets up close and personal we discover that Jupiter, the biggest planet in the Solar system is not at all hospitable. Both Jupiter and Saturn have around a 10 hour-long day, with Jupiter being 11x Earth’s size and Saturn 9x larger than Earth, relatively similar sizes. However Saturn’s density is half that of Jupiter and thus far less heavy. This comes as significant when classical astrology sees it as the heavy planet.

These bodies 10 times the size whirling around at twice the speed of Earth. We might even note that Uranus was the father of Saturn who was father to Jupiter. Keeping to the comparisons we note the giant red storm on Jupiter is bigger than the Earth. Jupiter is actually an un-hospitable violent stormy planet with an enormous gravity, by far the heaviest planet in the system. Saturn also has a giant storm in its polar region which forms a hexagonal pattern, so from a distance Saturn is quite magnificent and magical up close. It also has the lowest specific gravity of any of the planets and so it is the light one.

Enough of the material qualities as we consider the change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, from the rulership of Jupiter to that of Saturn. Jupiter is the planet of expansion for obvious reasons. Saturn on the other hand is the planet of limits as shown by its rings. Interestingly Saturn is losing its rings and Jupiter’s storm is receding.

Throughout the Age of Pisces humanity has delivered signs of excess and nowhere more excessive than in the last hundred years. Humanity has plundered planet Earth; Jupiter has raped his grandmother Gaia all through the desire for endless unstoppable growth. Gaia conspired with Rhea to protect the child Jupiter and he turned out to act for unlimited power. The problems facing humanity and the Earth are the result of the lack of discipline, and specifically self-discipline. Even today when we are called to have restraint there are many people who will not be held to account.

Pisces is a water sign, more especially the airy part of water, called the mist. Things are hidden in the mists, their shapes are distorted and appear to be from Faery lands. One thing that is associated with such mist is those elements which are carried in minute droplets, such as corona viruses and in particular covid-19 virus. It is carried and spread in unrestricted environments, and it grows. It grows in the hidden realms until it becomes symptomatic by which time it has already expanded its grip.

But we have already passed into the Age of Aquarius and a change in direction. Where self-control has not been applied, external controls and restrictions have become necessary to halt the endless expansion. Saturn/Cronos is the figure of Father Time with his deathly scythe. The time has come to be held to account and with this we are seeing more and more whistleblowers exposing the corrupting behaviours of the previous holders of power.

Capricorn also ruled by Saturn is said to be the sign of the adept, the teacher, and in tradition Jesus is said to have been born in this sign. In reality Jesus was probably born as a Pisces in February, and is known as the fisher of men. Saturn has seven ring systems each representing the seven natural aspects of the human psyche from the lowest to the highest aspirations.

So as we can see there is a major war ahead. Esoteric tradition has it that there were to be three world wars. The first was for control of the physical realm by dividing the planet between the twelve powers. In the end it was a war for control of the oil supply in the middle east. The second was for control of the heart through propaganda and later PR and advertising. The third and last war is for control of the mind through identity theft. We are in the middle of the third now.

All three wars are about gaining more of the pie. We can see it in others and if we look we will see it in ourselves. We have a mantra “More for Me”. I want more money, more time, more sex, more land, a bigger house, a bigger and better car, in fact I want more of everything. Even the idea of creating your own reality, the Law of Attraction suggests there is an endless supply of everything, even when we know the more I have the less for someone else.

Nature lives with balance, no matter how determined individuals are. The people with the less are moving towards those with more. The more they hoard the more numbers come to get it. The world is in a migrant crisis of its own making.

The Covid crisis, the climate crisis, the migrant crisis and the poverty crisis are all expressions from the Age of Aquarius. The Water Carrier redistributes all the water that has been accumulated in Pisces. In the mythic story of Hercules through the twelve signs shows him redirecting the two rivers Alpheus and Peneus through the royal stables and washed away all the putrid dung from the past.

The questions a person must ask themselves is which army do they belong? Is it the army of total freedom and more or the army fighting for the benefit of the whole community by self-discipline. This is not so much a question of choice but one of non-discrimination. Nobody likes being told what to do, but we as a group have always excluded or locked away those who will not comply with the wishes of the majority, and if there is no obvious one we will fight to the death. The myth tells us of the great battle between Zeus and Cronos. The outcome of this conflict is quite clear, if we do not restrain ourselves we will be unable to survive.

The American Empire
and the Star Wars

As early as 1977 George Lucas with the behind the scenes help of Joseph Campbell began to warn the American people of what was to come if they continued down the path they were on. Rather than beginning at the beginning they chose to start at the place where to battle lines were drawn.

Episode IV released in 1977 was originally known simply as “Star Wars,” but is actually, unsurprisingly, called “A New Hope.” Anakin Skywalker, taken as a padawan by Obi-Wan Kenobi with the potential to be the greatest Jedi ever, has already fallen to the dark side. He was seen as the prophesied chosen one born to bring balance to the Force. Now he has a mission to destroy his own two children, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. Rather than bring balance he is set to destroy the possibility of balance and hand the control of the universe over to the evil Sith Lords.

In order to stop his plot his own mentor sacrifices his life in physical form in order to guide the last Jedi to fulfil the prophecy. In a battle in which he cannot win, Obi-Wan allows Darth Vader to release him from his physical bonds, and become a spiritual being.

Obi-Wan searches and rescues Luke from Tusken raiders, effectively they are human traffickers who make a living out of human misery and slave trading. From here they team up with Han Solo and his wookiee sidekick Chewbacca, who are space smugglers. They are trading in supplies that have been sanctioned by the Imperial Starfleet, the military arm of the Galactic Empire which came from the Galactic Republic after Palpatine’s declaration of the New Order.

They make their way to the planet Alderaan only to find that Vader has destroyed it with the use of the first Death Star. It is destroyed by Luke becoming aligned with the Force aiming two proton torpedoes into the core reactor.
It turns out that the Trade Federation has its own representatives in the Republic Senate to lobby for even greater power. They send their battle droids to invade Naboo to create a government crisis. They have secretly signed on members of Separatist organizations, though their representatives in the Senate deny this.

There is really no need to explain this further because anyone can easily see the parallels with the modern America’s Empire that Donald Trump wishes to implement. The rest of the six part series outlines how this all began, who is behind it and where it will end up. In the movies the Rebellion succeeds but in real life that is nowhere near clear.

The real issue is whether the constitutional Americans wake up, and the rest of the world aligns itself in the Force and brings together a New World Order based on Freedoms and human dignity or we all become slaves to a dominant elite. There are few nations that can meet this threat by themselves which makes it only possible when we, the people, come together in the “Force,” that higher unity brought about through the messages of all the prophets and sages.

There is a shift in consciousness happening whether we like it or not. It only depends on whether it is a shift to the Dark Side or a evolutionary shift to World Peace. Nobody can escape this, so you will have to decide whether you will join the Revolution, or become one of the Clone army.

What we do next is the beginning of a revolution that will transform human consciousness and establish spirit as the dominant force. The alternatives are as the evangelists would have us believe, there will be Armageddon and the destruction of the physical plane. It will not, however, build a New Jerusalem for the favoured few, but reap karma for all those who ceased to stand up for, and bring Eden (peace, love and justice), to this experience.


Astrology and December 2012

Time and dates are interesting concepts. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that standardised time even existed. Up until then time was a natural phenomenon. The sun rose in the morning at the start of the day and went down at night. The winter day was shorter than summer, when more time was needed for harvesting.

Mechanical clocks were in use, of course, but their accuracy was in question unless they were kept stable. This meant that measuring time on a boat was impossible, and so it was not possible to determine a boat’s actually position. Then, the rotating gimble was invented which allowed exact positions to be calculated. This in turn allowed accurate maps to be made. By the late 1700 the first railway timetable was drawn up and the British Parliament passed a law standardising Greenwich Mean Time.

As we come to the end of 2012 Gregorian calendar, time and date has less validity because of globalisation and the ability of technology to communicate across the planet at any time. The upshot of this is that ideas based on numbers, such as 12-12-2012 are only valid to those that use this calendar. These are man-made configurations. Time is a measure of cycles. A day is the passage of sunrise to sunrise the following day, ie the cycle of the rotation of the Earth. A month is the rotation of the moon around the Earth. A year is the rotation of the Earth around the Sun and so on. Then man manipulated these cycles to fit with a mechanical and equal measures.

The point is that the natural measure of time is the movement of the planets, and these planetary rotations are not equal but effect one another. From this we discover that at the end of any “Long Count” there has to be a planetary configuration. With this in mind 12-12-2012 is less relevant that 13-12-2012 because this day has the last new moon (conjunction of Sun and Moon) of the year. What this new moon bring forth finds its fulfilment at the full moon on 28th December at the beginning of the “three days of darkness”. These are not likely to be physically dark, unless the transition period incorporates a collapse in the electrical grids that connect most of the world. That can easily be put out of action by an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) whether solar or man-made.

Watch my talk on the astrology of the “days of darkness”.

Breaking through Addiction

Breaking through Addiction

Mercredan gave a session quite a long time ago about how much human beings are addicted to substances and behaviours. He says that by labelling a behaviour as a habit gives it a semblance of respectability. But it is as it is, an addiction.

Like any addiction something that has a hold over you requires a determination to free oneself. In the old religious terminology this was seen as the work of the devil. There are three levels of distinctions in the mental field; belief, conviction and certainty. In order to begin to unravel the grip of the addiction a person has to detach from the certainty by acknowledging that it has its power because you are convinced you have no choice. This word derives from the latin vincere – to win or overcome. When you convince yourself you can overcome the feeling you choose freedom. You realise that you are being controlled by a belief which actually has no substance.

Substance is that on which you are standing, or the position that you are taking. All along the way you begin to identify that you are in charge, you decide, you are the YOU that is upholding this position. For the position you hold no-thing can be different. Now is your Point of Power. Now is the only moment you have to change your position.

What does “Invest in Yourself” mean?

Francis Evans has been a researcher into consciousness for over 40 years. During these years he has stood out, like many outsiders, because he thinks outside of the commonly accepted. Over the years much of what was initially derided has become the accepted reality.You will want to follow this site as it builds up insights and discoveries.

Francis has studied psychology and metaphysics from Hypnosis through NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to the metaphorical story-telling of brief “Uncommon Therapies”. He has learned how to uncover a person’s potential through a unique method of person-centred humanistic Astro-psychology, myth and archetypes. he is a extra-ordinarily gift deep-level trance Master Channeller able to offer incredible insights from an entirely different perspective.

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invest1“Invest in Youself” has come alive to provide inspiration, motivation and provide services that give tools to build a personal quintuple value. That is tools for the basis of financial security, the framework for a sustainable home/work environment, tools for building sound social/collegiate/relationships, tools for discovering a deeper understanding of self, and access to a higher wellspring of knowledge.

These values make up a golden key to Health, Wealth and Wisdom. The key to the “authentic self” is an acceptance of the whole of yourself, as you are. So often we try to present in a way that is acceptable to others and in the process become compartmentalised to ourselves. In fact comparting over a span of time may be the biggest cause to the problems a person has.

Integration is the mathematical opposite to differentiation.  If the geological definition is used then, differentiation is any process in which a mixture of materials separates out partially or completely into its constituent parts. Integration is when separate parts become one whole.

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