Accessing Deep States


March 18, 2023 - March 19, 2023    
9:30 am - 4:30 pm


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What the Workshop Covers

Setting the Outline Frames – What the workshop contains and the outcome

Stopping the World – How to pause the linguistic and semantic world created by internal dialogue

Power of Words – In the beginning was the Word…. The connection between words and conscious states. What you already believe limits your understanding to lie within the parameters of the beliefs.

Polarity & Paradox – The first Universal Law is everything is a paradox. Another way of saying the same is that things are not as they seem on face value. Understanding Paradox leads to the second Universal Law that the experiential world is maintained as a Polarity.

Conceiving the solution to a paradox elevates one’s consciousness to the level above that created the polarity that became a paradox in the first place.

The Path with Heart is another name for Toltec Knowledge. Toltec says that there is a polarity consisting of the Tonal of existence and a Nagual of non-existence. The workshop explains what this means, what its consequences are, and how to begin to manage them.

There is a stratum within consciousness that determines one’s emotional state of awareness known as the Emotional Tone Scale. These are indeed a Golden Stairs to Higher and paradoxically Deeper States of Being. Once again they are words to describe specific states to access.

Time and Space, Energy and Matter: Where do we come from?

Discovering and Accessing true Compassion. When one completely realises there is only unity, which means there is no separation, then they know You and I are One.

Shifting perspectives – Consciousness operates on the experiential plane. Insights arise when one truly explores the nature of perspectives.

Accessing Deep States – when all of this is integrated it becomes clear what a Deep State really is and how to access it at any time. We live in a set of nested fields each one created by divisions. Determination of a Quantum Field is result or consequence of algorithms made in consciousness by more and more limited understanding.

The Science of Compassion: finding freedom from judgement and self-judgement.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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