Winter Solstice 2018 in New Zealand and Why it is Global

As I have pointed out before, New Zealand is the first major country to herald in a new day. This happened when the nations of the world decided, in 1884, where to draw the International Date Line. The world decided to assign NZ as the world light, or the bringer of the dawn.

The winter/summer solstice occurs when the sun reaches its furthest point North on the tropic of Cancer.  The Sabian symbol for the solstice in NZ is with the Ascendant at 3o Pisces. For those who would like to know, the solstice happens at 10.08pm NZDT. There is a Sabian symbol for each of the 360o of the ecliptic. We consider the principle outlined with the symbol when using it in an interpretive way.


KEYNOTE: The power to preserve records of their achievements which is inherent in fully matured cultures.

When a vast group of men succeed in building a culture with strong institutions which express themselves in significant symbols and works of art or literature, such an effort of many generations is rarely lost altogether. In one form or another, records of this culture endure or are mysteriously preserved, simply because they reveal the place and function of this particular culture in the long process of unfoldment of the potentialities inherent in archetypal MAN. It is such a concept that has been mythified and popularized in the religious idea of the resurrection of the dead on the Last Day. The symbol of petrified wood in the Arizona desert, however, tells us that the actual preservation of the records is never perfect or total. Only fragments remain, significant enough to reveal the essential archetypal form.

This third symbol of the sixty-seventh five-fold sequence brings the promise of social immortality — i.e. the preservation of the enduring (because archetypally meaningful) factors in whatever man attempts within his culture. A symbol of INDESTRUCTIBILITY.

The ascendant might answer the question, “where are we up to?” In a time of ‘fake news’, and to be very clear here, all media news is fake. The media and governments are propaganda machines being fed a sequence of stories and lies which they duly pass on and straight-faced insist are true, while the war machine and its PR cohorts gain billions if not trillions of tax-payer funds to create mayhem around the world.

After this, little remains behind, only fragments of the past, broken bodies and souls of those people who were in the way for the great cleanse, and the New World Order for a Global Elite and their slaves. Thus, the rebellion gains momentum, and new generation fights to dominate technology which the system finds hard to control. Others, the elders watch on and fight with them, or stand aside and passively accept the inevitable result. This is an important issue for small and leading countries such as New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and possibly Sweden and Australia. The essential ingredient from this symbol is that no matter how much is done the cultural legacy is indestructible.


The symbol for the mid-heaven describes where we’re going, so it says that if we up to this point, whereto from here?


KEYNOTE: Love as a principle of redemption.

Here the soul is presented as a mother whose sons (i.e. her active energies) have become disruptive forces in the collective life of the tribe. She seeks to counteract the karma of their misdeeds through her love and implorations. The soul is responsive to the experience of unity (the spiritual king or chief) but the energies of human nature often follow their self-seeking, divisive tendencies.

This is the fourth symbol of the forty-eighth sequence. It presents us with the value of prayer. The principle of wholeness in man — the soul — acts to offset or attenuate the dictates of karma. In a religious sense, Mary, the Mother, is seen as the Mediatrix, in constant acts of INTERCESSION for the sake of waylaid individuals.

Now here it becomes obvious. Karma must play out that which we, as a family or species, have unleashed on our home and our playground. We’re pleading to the Divine nature for forgiveness for the children of our inaction. There is a sadness to this degree where we, at least the baby boomers, can look back at the sixties and seventies and the “summer of love.” Here was the promise, the rebellion and the hope that we would be the “ones.” And now we are the mainstay of greed and the take and spend generation. This is the generation that had the good times, that own two or three or even a whole “portfolio” of houses which the young can never expect to own. The same people look on their luck, and prosperity as if they have actually done something, rather than being caught in the deliberate plan to create a slave state. These are the people who listen to the PR news and vote into office the criminals that continue to steal and cause war and suffering, and who will be crying they are innocents.


Retrograding (traveling backwards from Earth’s perspective) planets Saturn and Pluto are “stuck” in the 11th house along with the dark moon Lilith. Really these are the limitations, the underworld and the dark belly of humanity and its transformation. The 11th house apart from ruling friendships in our lives, this is the house of our personal liberation. It is a place where we set free from obligations, make turns, recognize our wishes, and realize how great our minds are. This is a house that represents all non-profit organizations, different groups, clubs and societies, as well as higher associations and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. This house is here to support us and blow wind in our sails, as a place where we find people who approve of our personality without judgment.

The nature of this house also shows everyone in our lives we will talk to in a spontaneous, liberated manner. It is a place where our work gives benefits, the house of our pension and the money we put aside after we’re done with all regular responsibilities. It is the house that rewards all of our career efforts and everything that was done with a goal to truly evolve and become a better person. This is a place of all wishes and desires, and a house we all have to visit often enough to understand the collective a little better. In this regard it is the house of hope for the future. Saturn shows it is the financial system, banks, governments and other traditional organizations where we are stuck. Pluto brings out the underworld and the process of growth through death, that here too we’re stuck. Unable to go forward and backwards is to a tortuous death. Lilith is the underbelly of dark potent sexuality, or the forbidden appearing as an alternative to progress.


Wowee! Doesn’t anything get better? I always love it when astrology feeds back on itself and keeps broadcasting aspects of the same message. When something is hard for us to hear, it needs repeating again and again.

So lets look at where Chiron, the wounded healer sits, at 3o Aries. Chiron may offer us some way out of this crisis


KEYNOTE: The sustaining power of the Whole, as the individual identifies themselves with It’s life.

Having become objectively aware of their nature and basic humanity, the individualizing person finds power and inner security in realizing their essential identity with the section of the universe in which they operate. They and it seem to the consciousness united in a cosmic-planetary process – in a “participation mystique.” Metaphysically expressed, this is the concept of the identity of Atman and Brahman. In another sense, through the ability to identify themselves with the complex of life activities surrounding them, the individual person can become truly, not only an image and representation of the Whole of their natal environment (local, planetary and perhaps eventually cosmic), but an agent through whom the Whole may express itself in an act of creative resonance and outpouring. This is the avatar ideal — the ideal of a “transpersonal” life and consciousness totally consecrated to and directed by a divine Power. This Power can also be conceived as the archetypal Self, the Christ-principle as it operates in and through an individual person and destiny who have become its outward manifestation in order to meet a collective human need.

The concept of the formal-structural identity of the universal macrocosm and the human microcosm is a very important one, as it manifests itself at many levels. It provided an inner sense of security and harmonic strength to archaic man. To the modern individual assailed by surface evidence of meaninglessness and futility it gives a feeling of participation in the vast tide of evolution. It is the answer to the tragic sense of alienation so prevalent today.

This symbol characterizes the third stage of the first five-fold sequence of phases: the stage of PARTICIPATION IN A GREATER LIFE.

I think it is clear that resurrection can only follow on from crucifixion. In this I mean that until a person stands alone and calls out the dishonesty and travesty that surrounds them, nothing changes. The great Master Jesus, as the story says, calls the Hebrew leaders who have sold the synagogue to the highest bidders to account. He shows how they are accepting money for their willingness to sell a specific set of rules and regulations that benefit a few. Nothing has changed. They turn on him, as indeed they must and which He knows will lead to the “passion of Christ.” Jesus knows the sacrifice he will make, that will test him to the edge. It is through this passion He finds eternal life. We’re still remembering Him, talking about Him, looking up to and for Him. But can we find Him, except through the passion, our passion.


Of course there are other points to consider. Venus (the feminine) lies at 9o Leo in an almost exact opposition to Mars (the masculine) at 10o Aquarius.


KEYNOTE: The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act’ if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.

The breath represents the power of the spirit, animator of all living manifestations. Because the glass blower uses his breath to shape the glass vessels, he is a fitting symbol of how deeply any creative individual has to involve his total being in his creation. He is also using the fire of the spirit — transpersonal inspiration — or, in another sense, the fire of deeply felt emotions. Any creative activity which does not involve both the “breath” and the “fire” cannot transform into beautiful artworks — or indeed into any new form of order — the raw materials, remains of the past (the “sand”).

This fourth stage of the twenty-sixth sequence symbolically shows us the technique required in true and successful transforming activity. It always implies CREATIVE INTENSITY.



KEYNOTE: The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which one projects one’s dream and ideal.

Here we have a final statement on the relationship between mental-spiritual vision and living reality, between persons and the ideal they appear to incarnate, between the “great lover Image” and one’s need for love — a love his presence stimulated and aroused. The “star” on the movie screen is not the actual person. The star’s popularity fades away, the person remains. What has this episode of popularity actually done to the person? This is a question that can be applied to a great variety of circumstances.

This fifth symbol in the sixty-second sequence brings to our attention an issue that is basic and may confront us in various forms. Person versus archetype. This can mean a critical need for SELF-REVALUATION.

So what does this balancing act reveal. In the depth of winter the seed lies dormant but not dead. It is a time of preparation for the greatest act of creative intensity as the New Dawn begins. It is a time for real honest critical self-revaluation, to look yourself into your eyes and see what you are and have become. To discover what is your passion what are you ready to die for? For when you’re ready to die, only then are you ready to live.

I want to apologise to those people who live in other countries. Of course, your moment will be different. Astrology often used Greenwich in the UK as the marker point for the planetary chart. I am saying that it should be the place in which the day starts, and this is more important now as our species is no longer divided by nations, but are unified as a planet.

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