Past-Life Regression

Many people have things that that seem to have no answers in ordinary time. They may be unexplainable abilities or disabilities, uplifting or disturbing memories; unexplainable fortunes or misfortunes.

They may enhance or exacerbate a person’s experience of life with no apparent rhyme or reason. It seems as if life has simply dealt this person a specific hand to which their is no escape.

Through Past-Life hypnotic regression we can get back to actual specific causes, then re-evaluate the interpretations we made at the time. Many results coming from past-life causes are from wrongful interpretations and erroneous, false guilts.

The result is unnecessary suffering which can often be alleviated by gaining perspective in regressive therapy. The most important realisation is that it is not valid to justify or rationalise your present circumstances by laying blame on something you might have done in another life. The only time you have to make changes is now.

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5 Causes for Past-Life difficulties

  1. Simple Balancing Karma:-
    this is basic cause and effect.
    Examples, a woman cannot have children from aborting or abandoning in the past. A person born into poverty from abusing money in another life.
  2. Physical Karma:-
    Misusing one’s own ar another’s body results in a present-day affliction or accident.
    Examples, having a birthmark on the side of the head from the bullet of a previous lifetime suicide. A drug abuser is reborn without arms such as a thalidomide deformity.
  3. False Fear Karma:-
    Trauma from another life generates a fear that is not valid in the present context.
    Examples, a person becomes alcoholic after dying of thirst or from drowning. A woman adopts overweight features from fear of being sexually attractive after being raped and murdered after a lifetime as a beauty.
  4. False Guilt Karma:-
    Trauma from the past generates guilt or feelings or responsibility for an accident or event for which they are often blameless from any perspective.
    Examples, a person fosters other children after dying and leaving children to fend for themselves. A person develops an eating disorder after not being able to stop people dying in a famine.
  5. Special Ability Karma:-
    Not all karma is negaative, although some special skills operate negatively.
    Examples, childhood progenies are often the results of skills developed in another lifetime. Mathematical geniuses can find their special skill is a curse because it separates them from the normal population and isolates them.

To book a regression session …… Book here     Sessions cost NZ$150 and last 1½ hours.