Breaking from Habits & Addictions

Its becoming clearer that bad habits are really just addictions. They often begin early and escalate without you noticing. After a while you see that they are causing you PAIN and DISTRESS, but you don’t know how to STOP!

These are the sorts of addictions that destroy you:-

  • Overeating or stress eating
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • TV addiction
  • Video game addiction
  • Pornography
  • Procrastination
  • Losing your temper
  • Being a workaholic
  • Compulsive shopping
  • Spending too much money
  • Lying
  • Nail biting
  • Negative thinking
  • Being chronically late
  • Sport addiction
  • Neglect of self or family
  • Being a “yes” person
  • Being a pushover
  • Stressing out
  • Blaming others

The idea that you can control your bad habits is a myth. That’s because an addiction or habit is an involuntary behaviour acquired over time by constant and frequent repetition. Let’s face it, an obese person eats the cream bun because they are compelled to do so even though they know it is killing them. Addictions and bad habits are destructive and often deadly.

These are self-inflicted suffering that rob you of your time, money, friendships, and a lot more. They stop you getting the sort of life life you know you deserve.

Changing bad habits and addiction means that you have to change the way you think, then you you can change the way you behave. There are many “systems” that promise change. Most, if not all, use NLP or hypnosis techniques to modify your neurology.