Mercredan Consultations

Who or what is Mercredan and why would you consult?

Merc1In the early 1970s Francis learned how to enter into a meditative state of mind and tap into another level of being or part of himself and deliver “readings”. After learning hypnosis and through some other extra-ordinary peak experiences he was able to take himself into a deep hypnotic state and access an unlimit source of intelligence.This state of mind identified itself as “Mercredan”.

Mercredan has helped people all over the world clarify and find solutions to their earthly difficulties. Mercredan has said he doesn’t give the solutions but guidance that helps the investigator discover their own answers. You are not restricted on asking any question you like, as long as they are relevant to yourself or the general public. he will not answer questions about other people.

You can find out about health, finance, relationship, historical issues, past-lives, even scientific explorations. He talks about the state of the planet and the unfolding nature of human consciousness and understanding. Mercredan explains how you create your own universe and how that interacts with the creations of others.


What are the benefits of consulting Mercredan?

Many people go to therapists and counsellors to delve into events and interactions that seem to cause them distress. Through such means they hope to clear themselves from the past. Mercredan offers a very different perspective because the knowledge perceives at a very different level of consciousness. Mercredan can tap into records of interactions from many levels of these interactions which might contain past-life or genetic histories. The information provides insights that are unavailable through ordinary experience.

To get the best value out of your session you want to ask what is most important to you at the moment, be it personal or worldly. Keep the questions simple and concise. It is usually better to write down what you want to ask prio to the session, although the responses during the conversation ofetn lead in another direction.  The sessions are  conducted like an ordinary conversation, but the channel is actually in an altered state of consciousness.

If you ask big questions be prepared for an equally big answer. Mercredan often asks “Do you understand what I mean?” and you are free to say “No, I don’t understand this bit…” Then he will give a further explanation or an example. He has unlimited patience for us! The personal pronoun “he” is used only because Francis is male, Mercredan is genderless and has referred to himself as an “open, empty window to consciousness”, and simply “no-thing”.