Aquarian Age Group

Aquarian Age Group offered for young students 17 – 28 year old. This is a low cost discussion and Q&A group for young people searching for spiritual knowledge and personal direction. Study is loosely based on Theosophy and the Toltec tradition.

The Aquarian age aquarius-searchbegan on Spring Equinox (northern hemisphere) in 2000, so we are all in the early stages of a new cosmic cycle. The impact of Aquarius on human consciousness is just beginning to take form. This group is for those that will transition between Piscean values to Aquarian ones, a very important responsibility.

Guided by Francis Evans, long-time student of the Ancient Wisdom and the Path with Heart. This is a classroom for understanding the nature of creation and methods for influencing reality.

Now held online via a zoom link, when there are enough students. If you are interested or know somebody please email with your contact details.